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Ya Know What Really Gets Me! Input please?

September 11, 2010


I do not believe any marine mammals should be in captivity-

Sea Lions and Seals are just as intelligent if not more intelligent than humans! We watched a special where researchers provided props for these marine mammals and expected them to figure out what the researchers were desiring them to. The humans were unable to
verbally explain to them what they wanted….yet these marine mammals were able to figure it, at a pretty rapid speed I might add. 

The test was taken to the streets to see if humans could also figure out what was expected of them without being told. The majority of the humans failed miserably.

This test was not consistent either- they switched up the pattern and yet the sea lions and seals figured it out very rapidly. Yet once again the humans failed miserably.

I often wonder if certain Marine mammals have psychic abilities or are able to communicate through telepathy.

I could see how marine mammals could figure out what is expected of them if they were able to peek into our minds, picking up on the images.

The evidence is provided to us- it is up to us to choose to see this evidence…..Why do so many people have such a different sense of caring than others??

I was raised in the desert, my parents never took me to see marine mammals in captivity, EVER. I, myself, as an adult just find it absurd to observe whales & dolphins in captivity.

I just recently found 4 pictures that were taken at SeaWorld Southern California back in the early 90’s. I assumed they were my partner’s. After she viewed them she stated to me they WERE NOT her pics. She kept insisting that they were mine. I had mentioned about going to San Diego back in the 90’s many years back to her. I argued with her that I would remember if I took those pics. I would remember seeing & being at SeaWorld. There was no way they were my pics-

Guess what they were my photo’s- what an impact seeing the killer whales shows at SeaWorld had on me! I totally forgot even being there.

I still do not remember seeing the whales. I only remember standing out in front waiting to go in and also drinking from one of those plastic Shamu cups.

I have so much respect for wild life and it had NOTHING to do with SeaWorld keeping animals in captivity! Not this time SeaWorld will you get credit for inspiring the love of whales & dolphins through your “positive” efforts.

My respect came from my parents teaching me to be a decent human being. I was not raised to be an activist……it never even crossed my mind that I would be here right now writing to my fellow brothers and sisters asking them to help whales & dolphins in captivity…. I am though.

I like so many others “believed” SeaWorld only had the whales & dolphins living in captivity due to not being able to be released back out into the wild due to injuries caused my natural incidents. I had no idea they had a captive breeding program….I had no idea how many whales have died at the hands of SeaWorld. I trusted in good faith they were preserving our wild life.

I was deceived….what a fool I was. Now I am not happy to find out these mammals did not HAVE to be in captivity. I am not happy SeaWorld drove certain pods into a threatened state, which have still not fully recovered,  just so they could have “killer whales”.

I recently found this statement in an article written in the San Diego Entertainer Magazine after the death of Sumar, a 12 year old killer whale at SeaWorld San Diego –

Aside from the grief it has caused, the whale’s death complicates already difficult issues for the company, which relies on public support of keeping orcas in captivity and breeding them. With the increase of incidents related to confining orcas in private pools in the past year, that public support is on the decline, and skepticism about whether large pools at entertainment parks provide healthy environments for the normally nomadic orcas is increasing.

I have a problem with this sentence –

With the increase of incidents related to confining orcas in private pools in the past year

Isolating Orcas is just pure torture- These majestic creatures are so socially bonded in the wild- a family NEVER abandons one of their own pod members, ever. If you watch the news clips of Sumar being lifted into the sling to be taken away….you will see one whale (Orkid) refused to leave his side and Corky swam in circles in the outer pool, isolated away from Sumar. She raised Sumar, that was essentially her adopted son.

They were stressed and basically in a nut shell SeaWorld claims all the time their whales are not stressed and live very happy lives. This is just trying to display a god like complex, to me. Animals get stressed…. it is part of them, their DNA. This feeling can not be taken away by SeaWorld!

Trying to shove down my throat whales are happy swimming in circles all day, deprived of their natural right to hunt live food or sharing in a fresh killed meal with their entire pod is not working, yet they are HAPPY.

If SeaWorld’s whales & dolphins are so happy than why do they attack their trainers? They trainers should be seen as pod members, this is what SeaWorld tells us. Well in the wild pod members never get attacked by their own family members.

Why can trainers only spend such little time working with the whales, about 10 minutes is the average time before it starts to run into being too long. In the wild pods play for hours sometime. Members of the pods again are very socially bonded they would never turn on one of their
own pod members.

In the 45 years SeaWorld has had the whales not much has changed. They still are very limited with water works including time spent in the water. Trainers should by this point be able to spend hours in the water with
these whales, why not?

Trainers still need to use food for the main positive reinforcement part of training. I used food reinforcement to train my puppy, who is now an adult. She does not need food to do what I ask of her any longer. SeaWorld has whales in captivity that have been there for 30 years and they still have to come out with that bucket of fish & ice to get the show finished. I would love to see trainers conduct the show with NO bucket of fish, finish the show and then feed the whales.

Meal time, should be just that…time to enjoy a basic necessity. These poor whales have to get there food between tricks! Meal time is combined with performance – That is like you eating EVERY meal while working at the same time.  No more sitting at the table with your family enjoying a basic necessity with them.

Ya know why is it so difficult for people to see this?

The effects of Captivity turned me into an Anti- Cap!SeaWorld & all those other marine parks have no one to blame but themselves. Greedy hands took from nature something that was never theirs to begin with!


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  1. Fifi LaRoux permalink
    November 22, 2010 4:58 am

    You need some serious education on marine mammal physiology and behavior and the differences between human and animal intelligence. Your anthropomorphic drivel is absolutely inexcusable crap and basing your diatribes on the idea that animals are all fluff and sunshine is extremely harmful to all animals – promoting that idea is just as damaging as what marine parks do.
    “Well in the wild pod members never get attacked by their own family members.” Really? Have you ever seen some of the extremely violent rake marks that some pod members leave on each other? Kandu 5 rammed Corky and broke her own jaw with the force of it. That’s not an attack?

    Animals are not psychic. They communicate differently with each other than we do. Our intelligence is based on our abilities to learn through the relaying of information through verbal means; animals do not learn this way. They watch, they observe and they, in many cases, especially in higher primates, mimic.

    Please get your facts straight before you post these things. Do a little research!

    • Sheila permalink
      December 1, 2010 9:23 am

      What you just said proves that animals are more intelligent than you are.
      Anthropomorphic drivel? Whomever are you speaking to any way. I didn’t write that but I believe it to be true. And don’t think animals can’t read our minds! That they don’t telecommunicate? You need to do YOUR research before you play God and think you know it all about the animal kingdom. Silly human.

      • Sheila permalink
        December 1, 2010 9:32 am

        By the way, if animals mimicked humans they would be shooting each other and stealing and lying and all the things humans do. An ape may ape a human but ’tis just the silly way a human looks reflected back at them! LOL!

  2. Sheila permalink
    November 30, 2010 4:55 am

    Yes indeed. “Greedy hands” and money-hungry companies who use animals for profit and entertainment, who would degrade and subdue them and cause them suffering and harm, cruelly hunt them down and take them from their families and then not even care for them properly, were it at all proper – these abuses must stop and no longer be acceptable to humans who pay large amounts of money to see them! The animals get no money, no freedom, no rights…WE must all stop this ongoing tragedy from occurring repeatedly to our fellow animal brethren and demand that it stop – NOW.

  3. Anita Murray Cook permalink
    November 30, 2010 10:27 am

    You are so very right. The parks have no business keeping these Sea Angel’s captive for entertainment. They are not their’s to begin with and thank you for stating this. These poor Orca’s are not entertainment, not if you have a heart and know right from wrong. How can people go to a show and get all excited by watching them jump up out of the water. OH BOY!!! Well they can jump in the sea too and we can watch them there. If we do not see them, oh well. I wonder how those stupid people that own those seaquarium’s would feel if we looked through there windows or held them hostage and made them jump for our pleasure. That’s a crime now isn’t it? Well it’s a crime for the Orca too. The pools are too small, poor Tillikum is being punished for something he does not understand or know. Dawn would be furious over his treatment. You do not keep creatures like this captive and expect everything to go as planned all the time. I am sick to death of human beings and their greed. It makes me ashamed at times to be human. It is time for the whole world to stand up and shake these seaquarium’s up by not spending their money inside but standing outside with signs against what they do to these beautiful, docile creatures. They are not our’s to play with. Get a rag doll if you need a toy people.

    • Sheila permalink
      December 1, 2010 9:28 am

      Exactly. And all animals and living entities for that matter are not owned by humans either. When will they ever learn?! Foolish humans, dumb humans, placing themselves on a pedestal and thinking themselves superior to life on the planet. Obviously God can sneeze and blow them away in a nanosecond! LOL. How superior IS that? 🙂

      • Sheila permalink
        December 1, 2010 9:36 am


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